Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hydroponics in Cebu!

Now, i shall introduce my Hydroponic System!

I first started off with hydroponics as a total beginner, this January 2011. I first started with styrofoam boxes which worked out "alright". But i saw it to not be space sufficient. So i experimented with pipes! I still use styrofoam boxes as set ups as well as pipes. What are the advantages of either set up?


  • Cheap : you can buy them off fruit stalls for only P50 or less
  • Easy to outsource: can be found in the local fruit stands
  • Space efficient: the styrofoam boxes are quite bulky and can only hold about 8 plants where areas, a thin pipe can hold 15-16 plants. 
  • Durable: in terms of durability, pipes, ofcourse, beat styrofoam in many aspects. 
  • Present-ability: one can admit that looking at a row of veggies neatly aligned on white pipes are alot more attractive than a clustered batch of plants on bulky boxes.
Either pipe or box is good. It all depends on you, on which you prefer or what your space can occupy. I use both in my garden to demonstrate how they look like and for customers & visitors to see which one they prefer use. : 

The first pipe system i constructed was. After moving it around my house in search for more stable and sufficient light source, this system has become one of my favorites. It occupies approx 1meter x 2meters of space. The capacity is 75-135 plants. Amazing, isn't it?
I currently have 2 of this systems at the side of my house, growing mostly lettuce, and experimental plants (such as eggplant, okra and other veggies that i'm trying out).

A roof is set above the set up to keep rain water from entering the system as well as buffer (ever so slightly) any harsh rays from the sun that can dehydrate or burn my lettuce plants. I use plastic bought from National Book store (used to cover books) as a roof. One can use mesh net, or any transparent film if you prefer it.

Aside from those 2 duplicated systems, i have what i call the "Stair case" frame work. It occupies approx 1meter x 0.5meter x 1meter. It can occupy 5 4feet pipes (8 holes each), thus a total capacity of 40 plants. I have 2 of these stair case frame works, thus a total of 80 plants capacity for both set ups. These 2 set ups are placed beside each other, so the total surface it occupies is 2m x 0.5m x 1m. Not bad! 

I'd have to say that it's one of the pretty set ups that i have so i have it infront of the house so people can see when they look over the gate (if they're curious).(haha!) I use this set up frequently when i have exhibits at the malls. 
The system on the left, is lacking on layer at the top. We cut it so it could fit in the car when transporting it to the venue of an exhibit.

Next, here is a portion behind my house that displays the styrofoam box set ups. I still like using them since i have a lot of them in the store room and i like the idea of recycling the trash of the fruit stands that usually throw these productive boxes away. They, too, grow my lettuce and herb collections. Since i am also supplying a restaurant of hydroponic lettuce, i use it help me meet the demand. :)

I havent measured the total area they occupy, nor the total number of plants they produce.But it's a very productive patch behind the house indeed. 

Lastly, i have an area also at the side of my house, in the yard, approx 2meters x 5meters where a larger A-FRAME SET UP is built. I use it commonly for my fruiting plants and herbs. Capacity is approx 500 plants (can be more if i add more pipes). 

I have several videos on youtube and on facebook for those who want a clearer view on what i have around the house. :)




I entertain visits on TUESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, and ON THE WEEKENDS. Do take note that i'm not a full-time gardener, so i may not always be at the garden during the day. So if you'd like to visit, kindly contact me at 09393257253 / 09475847023 to schedule a visit. If i don't answer the phone, i may still be in class or am entertaining others. Kindly leave a text message so that i can get back to you as soon as i can. 

I sell Hydroponic Starter kits for beginners and hold seminars every 2nd week of each month. If you'd like to learn this wonderful gardening method, do contact me so that i can register your name. if you would like to purchase materials or produce, do contact me as well. 

I've had several visitors to the garden take pictures and post it on their blogs of their visit.. and it flatters me to see that my hard work and effort can actually inspire someone to start doing something like this. It took a lot of guts for me to decide to do this all on my own.. but i'll tell you this. I went through countless trial-and errors .. and when u finally get the result you were expecting , or something even better ... nothing can compare to it.

if you'd like to see more pics of the system and the garden, you can go to the Facebook page. You can also chat with me there since i'm almost always online there. 

Again, if you'd like to visit the garden and see this personally, you can contact me at 09393257253 / 09475847023 . (if i cant answer the phone, leave a message and i'll reply asap)

'Till next entry!

09393257253 / 09475847023

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  1. You are definitely inspiring! I envy your passion and talent in gardening because I wish to have my own organic herb garden someday. And I'm so proud of you being a brilliant Cebuana! Hehe. I'd love to visit your garden someday and just gawk at your awesome work. God bless and more power to your passion! :)

    Babe For Food
    -your new BFF in Cebu dining!