Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Starting on my Rosemary! - AND, i reached my goal of php1000 sales within one day!

I've been getting quite a lot of inquiries for Rosemary. Sadly, I've had no luck in growing from seed. It's not that it doesn't live.. it just takes FOREVER to grow!

Here in Cebu, the demand for rosemary plants is quite high, and I find myself desperate to get a plant as well. Just one would be great! I've had no luck looking for some in the grocery stores, they've usually run out of stock when i check.

BUT with much effort, i finally got a friend to give me a few cuttings. She was fairly hesitant to since she was afraid that the plant would die if you take cuttings from it. After  showing her a few videos of other gardeners trimming their rosemary, she gave in and i got a whopping bunch of rosemary! Ofcourse, i had to pay her about php100 for all the cuttings, but it was well worth it!

I'll be putting them into the hydroponic system to root for a week and i'll start adding it into my catalougue of "herbs for sale".

Time to get these babies to root! SOO happy!

Bundle of rosemary cuttings

Bwahaha! who would've thought that i would be able to snag this many?

Another surprising thing is many people have been buying my herbs for the past few days. I just suddenly had an inflow of orders coming in. Within 3 days, i was able to make a sale of over php1000 with one order being php1040 already! *gasp*

I feel a great deal of accomplishment when i see people appreciate my hard work and effort that my plants display through their beauty and health.

Thanks so much, and i look forward to more orders soon. :)



  1. how did you grow roots in rosemary cuttings? i got cuttings from a friend the last 3 weeks, but i'm not pretty sure if they're growing in the pot.

  2. i root my cuttings hydroponically. Rosemary cuttings are a pain to get started though. out of 50 cuttings, only 15 live :(

    Once they've rooted, it's not over! out of 15 rooted, 5 die in 3 weeks slowly with no reason :(

    If u had rooting hormone, it would increase the chances of rooting, but i dont know where to get some of that. i've been searching all over cebu for rooting hormone and i still cant find any :( good luck with ur rosemary cuttings! :)

  3. i dunno where to find a rooting hormone here in the city. but my tita and i might drop by your garden to buy a few potted herbs soon. :)

  4. i was looking for a rosemary plant but i never found it in cebu. last month i went to manila to meet a friend and saw bunch of the rosemary plants in Save More supermarkets and it was just P55. i really dont understand it.
    will you sell me one of your plants if ever its ok with you?

  5. got lots of rosemary in the farm. im starting to supply in restaurants. email me for more infos